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Pre-Renovation Packages

Pre-Listing Renovation Packages

One of the first things most potential home sellers do is view their home with a
critical eye to determine what, if any, changes or renovations they should make
before listing. Buyers love a turn-key home and often a few simple changes can
mean thousands of dollars in profit for the seller.
Currently, these sellers are finding it very difficult to find contractors and
tradesmen to help make these changes. Most of the country is experiencing a
labor shortage and this has made finding help for home projects extremely
Pre-listing renovation companies have emerged to fill this void in skilled labor.
Working with real estate agents to identify the right kind of renovations, these
companies will perform the work before the home is listed for sale and the cost of
the changes is paid from the proceeds at the time of closing.
Sellers with equity can upgrade their homes without draining their bank accounts
or maxing out their credit cards. There are companies that specialize in this and,
work directly with real estate agents pitching these renovations as a value-added
service to their clients.
Seeing the value of pre-listing renovations, some real estate companies have
launched their own brands. One already offers a Concierge packaged service, and
another is piloting a program of its own. Pre-listing renovation companies offer an
easy way to address the needs of sellers ready to list their homes who are in need
of some upgrades to maximize their profit.

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