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Homebuyer Tips

There a many parts to the homebuying process.
A few that are important are
Communication should go through your agent and lender.  Not the homeowner.  If you have questions about the home that is up to your agent to find out the answers for you.
Sometimes those answers take a home inspection to get clear defined answers.
(You may be asked to sign a home inspection waiver should you choose to not have a professional inspection done)
Before you start househunting have a conversation with a lender to be preapproved for a loan.  We want you to be able to buy the house you fall in love with and the lender can tell you what shopping price we can be in to stay within budget.
Everything in writing in the contract or in the  format the real estate agent directs it be done.  Nothing verbal is enforcable when it comes to what the seller promised without it being in writing
Consult your Realtor at the Griffin Group and your lender through out the process.  We are a team to get you the best deal for loan and home.
Happy househunting.
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