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    Color Blocking

    Repainting a room is one of the easiest ways to freshen the décor while changing
    the feel of the room. The hottest design trend this year takes this to a whole new
    level. Color-blocking techniques are dominating magazines and social media with
    vivid color palettes and bold geometric patterns, turning the traditional painting
    project into something special.

    Color-blocking takes many forms—everything from a simple way to differentiate
    one space from another by changing the wall shade, to artistic pairings that would
    feel at home in a modern art gallery. Your style most likely falls somewhere in
    between. The common theme is to try something new while changing the feel of
    the room.

    Before you start your project, take time to consider the desired final look.
    Consider the relationship of your chosen colors and how each plays a part in the
    design. Bright shades create a sense of energy while softer tones are calming. Use
    blocked color to trick the eye into adding or subtracting space using light or dark
    colors. Color-blocking can also be used to draw attention to architecturally
    interesting elements, such as a curved entrance or crown molding.

    This weekend is a great time to update your space by trying something new and
    modern. Choose traditional color palettes and subtle shapes to compliment your
    current design or go bold and completely change the room. Any home décor style
    can benefit from the techniques of color-blocking with a little imagination,
    masking tape, and a paintbrush.

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