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Buy a House in Suitcase City- University

Are you thinking of buying a home in a new area? University is a great unincorporated area positioned in the Hillsborough County. The population in 2000 was nearly 30,736 and in 2010, it increased to 41,163. On the southeast of the community lies the University of South Florida. The area is sometimes referred to as University West. This is because of its location from the University of South Florida. The locals call this place as Suitcase City, the reason behind this is the increased number of transients.
When it comes to living, the city is great as it offers great homes at affordable rates. The cost of living is low that helps in saving more money. There is a rapid growth in the job opportunities that are attracting families and young professionals from all the states. Here are other reasons why moving to University is a right decision.
The economy of University is expanding creating many jobs. The University Mall is a shopping center that is situated on the southern corner of the area. During the 1970s and 80s, the main source of revenue was this mall. This lead to the economic development in the area. The business in the mall is replaced by renowned brands like Target and Walmart. A leading name in the strip club is Library Lounge, it is perfect for meeting the requirements of many people. There is a transportation center that is run by HARTline.
Why Moving to University is a Good Option?
There is something for everyone in the area. If you are art and history lover, you can visit Tampa. The city is within a short distance from University. You have to visit the Tampa Museum of Art. The city is famous for conducting many events and cultural festivals.
Busch Garden
The Busch Garden is a great theme park that is located close to this area. This is a great way to have a thrilling and adrenalin filled day with your friends and family.
Delicious Food
If you are a foodie, this is a great place to enjoy luscious food of all kinds. There are some top-rated restaurants that offer best Greek, Cuban, Japanese and fusion style cuisines. You can find a number of places for sipping cocktails.
Most Popular Community
One of the leading community in the nearby area is West of the Trail. This community is a great place where you can experience a luxurious lifestyle. It provides a relaxed and comfortable coastal lifestyle. The community is accessibly located, you can visit the cities of Sarasota and Tampa. This enables you to see the broad assortment of attractions. The community offers many facilities that will help you unwind and forget the troubles of life.
The things that are nearby to the community include:
• A good healthcare center
• Pristine golf courses
• Blue water beaches
• Shopping malls
• Downtown Sarasota and Tampa
• Performing Arts Center
Overall, University is a great place to live as you can have access to plenty of recreational activities. If you need help to buy a home, feel free to contact us or visit our website.

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