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Build Your New Home or Buy A Resale?

Build Your New Home or Buy A Resale?

Who hasn’t dreamed of building their dream home from scratch? From the perfectly designed
kitchen to the expansive master bedroom suite, it’s an appealing idea to create the perfect
home for you and your family. But is building a new home really the right decision for you?
There are benefits and drawbacks for both new construction and buying a resale home.

Building a New Home

The biggest advantage of building a home is that everything is new. While you envision
everything perfectly, that’s not always feasible. Building codes, lot restrictions and financial
limitations could cause you to compromise more than you’ hoped. There are also construction
delays and unexpected costs to consider.

Resale Home

A resale home might not have everything you want, but it could provide a great value. With
careful thought, a resale might only require minor renovations to suit your taste. Much of the
expensive work has already been done, such as landscaping. However, the remodeling costs
could be considerable if the home is very outdated and this could be out-of-pocket cost.

Both new construction and resales homes have benefits. If you are in the market for a new
home, consider the options in your area and compare real costs and benefits. Knowing the
difference can save you money and help you find the right home for your needs and lifestyle.

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