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Monthly Archives: September 2022

    Energy Vampires – Why Your Electric Bill Is So High

    By Ivy Allas | September 27, 2022

    Does it seem like you do everything possible to lower your electric bill and still see no measurable difference in your bill? The simple reason is you may have energy vampires in your home. The good news is these creepy creatures do not require a visit from your local ghostbusters team, theseenergy suckers are hiding... Read More

    Home Fire Abatement Tips for Any Location

    By Ivy Allas | September 13, 2022

    Isn’t it true that it seems like it’s always fire season? Forest fires and dangerously hot temperatures dominate the local, national, and even international news. Once considered an issue confined to a few western states, climate change has introduced fire danger to previously unaffected areas. For homeowners, the increased risk necessitates the use of fire... Read More