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Monthly Archives: June 2018

    Real Estate Auctions Continued

    By Cindy Lukehart | June 29, 2018

    Ok so the bank did not allow a buyer win at the auction.  They bought it at the courthouse auction process.  We have to wait for the asset department to decide how to  put the house on the market.  One cannot simply send a letter to the deed owner and purchase the home.  Sometimes the properties are sold to bulk... Read More

    Real Estate Auctions

    By Cindy Lukehart | June 27, 2018

      Auctions in real estate come in different types. Foreclosure Auction When a homeowner does not pay the mortgage according to terms the lender may foreclose.  At the end of the court process. The bank puts the property up for auction to see if someone will buy the property as is where is no inspection available... Read More

    Shortsale, Foreclosure REO (Bankowned) Auction Think you understand the difference?

    By Cindy Lukehart | June 25, 2018

      A short sale is a sale of real estate in which the net proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the debts secured by liens against the property. In this case, if all lien holders agree to accept less than the amount owed on the debt, a sale of the property can be accomplished. []... Read More

    How healthy is your home?

    By Cindy Lukehart | June 20, 2018

      There’s an APP for everything these days.  Even an app  for healthy home tips.  I have to admit some of these items never crossed my mind. If you are curious about the health of your home perhaps dowload the app to find out We at the Griffin Group  care about the health of your... Read More

    What mistakes do homesellers make?

    By Cindy Lukehart | June 18, 2018

    It is not always as easy to sell a home as sellers think.  There is a lot of psychology that goes in to selling a house.  A few things that make a seller comfortable may make a buyer uncomfortable. Let the professionals at the Griffin Group help you with the right tips to get your... Read More

    Homebuyer Tips

    By Cindy Lukehart | June 15, 2018

    There a many parts to the homebuying process. A few that are important are Communication should go through your agent and lender.  Not the homeowner.  If you have questions about the home that is up to your agent to find out the answers for you. Sometimes those answers take a home inspection to get clear... Read More

    Moving? Where do I start?

    By Cindy Lukehart | June 13, 2018

      After you have pre-qualified with your lender, found a home an put it under contract with a member of the Griffin Group the real estate team the real work begins. Moving. I have  moved all over the world with children (military spouse) there was always a list of things to be done for the... Read More

    Painting?  DIY or hire it out? 

    By Cindy Lukehart | June 11, 2018

        Painting?  DIY or hire it out?  Personal preference. 5 Tips That Make Painting a Breeze For the DIY  here are 5 tips from HGTV. Of course for those the prefer to hire professional painters The Griffin Group has an extensive list of companies we would recommend.  Give us a call for your Real Estate needs today.... Read More


    By Cindy Lukehart | June 8, 2018

    DID YOU KNOW A clean and clutter free home sells fastest. Here are 44 home cleaning hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner If you thrive on a checklist of when to do what here is an idea At the Griffin Group we have several trusted colleagues that can assist with some of the... Read More

    Rent or Buy?

    By Cindy Lukehart | June 6, 2018

          June is National Homeownership Month Here is a reason one might not have thought of ·         Children of families who own their homes are more likely to graduate high school and earn more income later in life* Stop making someone else’s mortgage payment. Call a Griffin Group agent today!!! * #FloridaRealEstate #TampaRealtor #SellMyHome #SellMyHouse #SellerPrograms #IWantToBuyAHouse #INeedARealtor #BuyerPrograms#DownPaymentAssistance #NewConstruction  #NewListing #CindyLukehart #comingsoon #househunting #home #tampa #florida... Read More