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    I was born in the Philippines. My family later moved to Tampa, Florida and that is where I was raised and got my formal education from. I have also lived in land o lakes for about 12 years. Before that I lived in North Tampa, West Chase, Carrollwood and Seminole heights. So I know the areas well and I am quite familiar with the different communities residing in each place. Which I think benefits my chosen profession.
    I chose teaching as a profession after I finished my education and stayed in the position for several years. I also kept working in the real estate along with my teaching job, part time. The teaching profession taught me a great deal, was very rewarding and noble but I felt that real estate was my true calling. Which is why I have decided to get into real estate and dedicate my time to it fully.
    As a teacher over the years, I learned the importance of forming a relation with my students rather than just taking the whole experience as a job. This allowed me to understand each student’s personality and needs better and taught me an effective way to communicate with my pupils. I think this experience and the lessons I have learned over the years as a teacher will help me immensely in the real estate field. As it requires communicating effectively with the clients, forming trustworthy relations with them and working with dedication.
    Also, my part time work in the real estate provided me with knowledge and know-how of the industry. Which means that I will not be starting from the scratch but have fair experience of how to go about things. The part time work has also allowed me to form connections and links in the real estate industry that can help me enhance my profession further in the future.
    I think I have the knowledge and experience to work with all types of clients. But my niche is working with first time home buyers and that is what I am best at. I love being a part of the whole experience of a family buying their very first home. I like helping clients find their dream home and it brings me great joy to be able to help turn their dreams into reality. Even if I am just a small part of their journey.
    I like working with technology and can work with mostly any type of computer system. If I am unfamiliar with anything I am keen to learn and I can catch on very quickly. I am very outgoing, enthusiastic, empathetic, hardworking and a great communicator. All of these traits I have been able to polish in my years as a teacher. I believe these are necessary for anybody working in the real estate, because they need to deal with clients on a daily basis.
    You can contact me via email at kmendez@kw.com.
    Kaleze Melendez
    Keller Williams and Griffin Group
    Tampa, Florida
    Email: kmendez@kw.com.

    Kaleze Mendez
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    Kaleze Mendez

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