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James Adair

O: 813-453-4957

The Agent Who Cares

To Heroically Help- those who have been introduced to me and those whom seek professional real estate wisdom.
To Listen Deeply- for what is most important and courageously dig for greater understanding during the real estate process.
To Exceed Expectations- by surpassing the industry standard and leading clients to their dreams.
To Embody Trust and Expertise - where clients are comforted by their next best step.
To Provide Remarkable and Referable Experience- so that clients are outrageously happy and enthusiastically introduce us to their trust and relationships.

James Adair specializes in South Tampa listings and sales across Tampa Bay. Due to his decade-plus experience, there are very few types of transactions he has not handled. His dogged desire is to get the job done, and many satisfied clients have placed their confidence in him.

James Adair would rather help clients buy their dream home after listening to exactly what they want rather than trying to sell a house that may not meet their expectations or goals. His no-nonsense and realistic approach with sellers educates and empowers, resulting in customers getting the best price at the right time.

James is strongly committed to his growing network of professionals and clients, and he has built his business through mostly personal introductions. Having trust in a transaction when it comes to a decision of the magnitude of a home sale is even more important than the sale price. In time, the home buyers and sellers who work with us eventually introduce their co-workers, friends and family. They feel comfortable making this introduction because James was willing to listen and help — even when he had nothing to gain.

James Adair
Relational Real Estate Consultant, Realtor
Office: 813-453-4957
Keller Williams Tampa Central
1208 E Kennedy Boulevard #231
Tampa FL 33602

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